PCB Reverse, PCB Cloning,PCB Manufacturing, IC Attack,MCU Crack,PCB Designing
PCB Reverse, PCB Clone,MCU Reverse,Chip Crack,PCB Manufacturing, PCB Designing, PCB Cloning, PCB fabrication, PCB Rework,PCB Assembly
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Experts in Reverse Engineering Printed Circuit Boards

If you have a printed circuit board that you need reverse engineered, The Hetell can help you.

Re-engineering a PCB assembly preserves all of its original functionality. Except PCB copying services, we have an extensive background in design engineering. So, we know how to increase performance, reduce lifecycle costs, and add or subtract capabilities as part of the reverse engineering process. We use up-todate components and techniques to improve operations, maintenance, and support issues on older circuit board designs.

More about our MCU Crack engineering service

Copying a printed circuit board

Creating replacement control boards for manufacturing and processing equipment

PCB Cloning


PCB Cloning or PCB Copying or PCB Reverse refers to the 100% cloning of the original PCB, Copying a Printed Circuit Board, Creating replacement control boards for manufacturing and processing equipment, pcb duplicating.

PCB Designing


From 25 to 25,000+ pins, our PCB Designing team of in-house electrical engineers can handle your toughest designs. These engineers are experts in PCB Designing or PCB Layout Services and specialize in using Allegro (a Cadence tool) and PADS (an Innoveda tool).

MCU Crack


We use high-end technologies to IC Attack and equipment to perfect the technique of IC code recovering (extracting code from MCU, DSP, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, AVR). So up to now, we are able to crack various types of Chips such as ATMEL, CYPRESS, EMC, DALLAS, Freescale, HOLTK, INTEL, MICROCHIP, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, Silicon, SST, STC, TI, WINBOND and so on.

Chip failure analysis


Chip failure analysis is the failure of the products has been carried out by an ex post analysis, using a variety of test and analysis of technical and product failure analysis program to confirm the phenomenon, identify its failure mode or mechanism to determine the reasons for its ultimate failure, improved design proposed and the proposed manufacturing process to eliminate failure and prevent recurrence of failure, progressive component reliability, reliability engineering is an important component sector, the main sound failure analysis techniques

PCB Assembly


SMT, Thru-hole & mix assembly. Complex assembly. Quick turn & low quantity available. Consignment or Turnkey components. UL. Accommodate special requirements.

PCB Manufacture


Through the introduction of Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions with advanced PCB production,PCB Manufacture processing, testing equipment, and constantly improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.

8051 MCU Code Extraction


8051 based microcontrollers typically include one or two UARTs, two or three timers, 128 or 256 bytes of internal data RAM (16 bytes of which are bit-addressable), up to 128 bytes of I/O, 512 bytes to 64 kB of internal program memory, and sometimes a quantity of extended data RAM (ERAM) located in the external data space.Chip decryption,MCU Crack,IC Attack...




Many semiconductor or IC design firms hold ARM licenses; Analog Devices, Atmel, Broadcom, Cirrus Logic, Energy Micro, Faraday Technology, Freescale, Fujitsu, Intel (through its settlement with Digital Equipment Corporation), IBM, Infineon Technologies, Nintendo, NXP Semiconductors, OKI, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sharp, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and VLSI are some of the many companies who have licensed the ARM in one form or another.Chip decryption,MCU Crack,IC Attack...

MASK Room MCU Attack


Mask ROM (MROM) is a type of read-only memory (ROM) whose contents are programmed by the integrated circuit manufacturer (rather than by the user).The main advantage of mask ROM is its cost. Per bit, mask ROM is more compact than any other kind of semiconductor memory. Since the cost of an integrated circuit strongly depends on its size, mask ROM is significantly cheaper than any other kind of semiconductor memory.Chip decryption,MCU Crack,IC Attack...

DSP Chip decryption


The main applications of DSP are audio signal processing, audio compression, digital image processing, video compression, speech processing, speech recognition, digital communications, RADAR, SONAR, seismology, and biomedicine.DSP is often implemented using specialised microprocessors such as the DSP56000, the TMS320, or the SHARC.Chip decryption,MCU Crack,IC Attack...


Benefits & Advantages

PCB Clone, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly1. Local support, close to you, your markets and customers
2. Cost-effective, world-class facility in ShenZhen, China
3. Responsive and flexible to meet unique customer needs
4. 50,000 ft2 manufacturing facility
5. 150+ employees
6. PCB Fabrication capacity 100,000 m2
7. ISO9001:2000
8. RoHS per EU Directive 2002/95/EC

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